Is Tubbo Gay? Let’s Take A Glimpse Inside The Closet 🧐

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Is Tubbo Gay?

Our famous Tubbo has gained a huge fandom in a short period of time, in Minecrafting world Tubbo is a star and with that he also does Twitch streaming where he has around 4 million followers. Now Toby Smith or Tubbo as we all know him has a number of followers who are interested in his personal details and life, which is obvious. Fans feel an urge to know more about their icons to feel more closely related to them, this includes everything possible to know about them from habits to physical appearance and even something as personal as sexuality.

Last time we discussed how tall is Tubbo? and today we are going to see what Tubbo says about his sexuality.

Is Tubbo Gay? 😳 Or is it just a fan theory?

Has Tubbo come out yet? Well, no! But probably that’s the thing, this whole thing of coming out is burdensome in a way telling people about our intimate desires and sexual preferences and then waiting for their response. This whole scenario creates a pressure that most one would want to skip especially when someone has a strong presence on the internet.

In fact, Tubbo stopped using twitter when there was a discussion going on about his sexuality. If understood carefully Tubbo has never been hiding about what his sexuality is, for example he has in the past mentioned about being attracted to men. Remember when he talked about his crush on Tom Holland? Which is only one out of many instances. In 2021, in live streaming Tubbo hints about being a bisexual by mentioning “swinging both ways”.

Whenever he found a man attractive, he has not been shy in flaunting about it, for instance in a tweet in 2020 Tubbo confessed that he finds Ranboo, Minecraft Youtuber “very attractive”.

What we understand from these instances is that Tubbo quite openly accepts his attraction towards men, but obviously he doesn’t wish to make a big deal out of it, which we as fans should as well understand giving people the basic privacy they need. Apart from that we can conclude Tubbo doesn’t want sexuality to be the whole about his personality.

We already know how Toby Smith feels about people who aren’t too close to him calling him by his first name. So, guys I think we should respect certain obvious boundaries if we really admire someone. Sexuality is something really personal and thus such information should only unfold by the person who holds the right to reveal it.

Tubbo is not Straight, that is something we can all conclude but whether he is gay or not, or bisexual or even pansexual to say let’s leave that for him to clarify with time. And if you really find yourself really interested in this, I guess we better hear Tubbo’s Opinion on this 😉

Hope the article was a good insight into Tubbo’s sexuality and as well informative. Thanks for being our faithful readers 😚

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