What Does BM Mean on Snapchat: Understanding Text Slangs

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What Does BM Mean on Snapchat

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. We know it’s difficult to keep up the personal vocabulary with slang and acronyms flooding the internet and texting lingo, but you don’t have to worry about that when you are here with us.

Again, we are going to reveal about the text slang “BM” . You may have come across it and wondered what it means or maybe you are just learning to increase your text vocabulary. We will tell you about what BM means on snapchat and texting in detail, so keep reading.

What does BM mean on snapchat?

Decoding an acronym becomes tricky when there are variant possible meanings, and thus it is important we understand these slangs fully to perceive the meaning according to the context. Now let’s learn about the meanings of BM.

Different meanings of BM:

BM: Bite Me One of the most used meanings of BM is bite me, and it’s not literal, don’t worry. I actually learnt this word first, when I was watching Friends, Monica says that when I noticed.

People have used it often but now it has just shrunk to being an acronym slang, bite me is a sarcastic expression as Monica uses it or even an expression of exasperation or anger, warning someone for not stretching a topic, statement or some questioning further as they have reached their limit and it’s better to stop right there or maintain some formality. Let me give you some examples,


  • Rachel: Well, the boys I went out with always called me back.
  • Monica: BM!!!


  • Harry: So, no one really wanted to come to your lousy party?😂
  • Drake: Harry! BM. 😡

BM: Big Mouth Do you know someone who just can’t keep things to themselves? Always chattering about other people, well these are the people who people on snapchat describe as BM, not the physical appearance but the behaviour.

  • Harry: Hey Rohn told me about your parents.😬
  • Karina: That guy is such a BM, that’s why I don’t tell him things.😑

BM: Be Mine Well this is more in a romantic sense and unlike above two, this one is literal in a way.  Flirting on text is common and you may wanna use it too for you crush or with your partner, just make sure you build up the context so that they exactly understand BM is Be Mine.

  • Cathy: Sometimes I just feel so lonely.🥲
  • Carol: I’ll accompany you, BM! 🥰

BM: Bruh Moment This one used in situations with emotional response, like in admiration or awe, sometimes in frustration as well though. Bruh is short for brother, so it will be like “Brother Moment” more like an emotion.

  • Jack: I came back home all tired and my roommate had cooked a whole meal for me.
  • Richie: Aw, BM!

BM: Bad Mannered well in all the places with texting BM will mean the same, however in context with gaming BM meaning is rather more specific, and clear, which is Bad Mannered, a person in the gaming world who doesn’t play fairly or treat other players poorly. Also, this meaning is also followed on snapchat and other apps in texting.

So now you understand all common uses of BM and thus I think it will be easy for you to understand if someone puts it in a context. In addition to that in medical terms people tend to use BM for Bowel Movement to keep things discrete unlike Sheldon.

Thanks for being our faithful readers 😚

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