Gaslighting Meaning in Relationships: Understanding Psychological Manipulation

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Gaslighting Meaning in Relationships: Understanding Psychological Manipulation

Being in a relationship could be a really beautiful time for a person, but being with someone who helps you grow and be a better person is what really matters.

If you are in a relationship where constantly you are having self-doubt and low self-esteem it is possible that you are being a victim of “Gaslighting”.

Learn what Gaslighting is! 😬

You need to understand this carefully:

Gaslighting is a process of psychologically manipulating someone in which the person tries to sow the seeds of doubt in another individual, causing them to question their own memory, perception of the situations or even sanity of mind.

It is possible the person doing it may or may not be aware of it themselves. But in case you are falling victim to this you may be traumatized and lose emotional strength.

You will start feeling wrong every time, judge your emotional and even mental capacity and degrade your self-worth day by day.

Gaslighting Meaning In Relationships

Gaslighting is an emotional abuse that affects you slowly, it happens in steps where the power dynamic goes to one partner to control.

These are some common signs of gaslighting in a relationship:

Denial to reality: The gaslighter often denies the events happening the way you remember questioning your memory and feeding you their own perception of events.

Trifling your emotions: Your emotions and feelings are considered unimportant and unreasonable every time. Gaslighters don’t consider how you would react to some of their actions but rather make you feel bad about reacting over the situation and expressing your emotions.

Need of Approval:  If you feel a need for approval for everything you do and you can’t make an independent decision of yours. If your dependency upon your partner has become unhealthy.

Blame Luggage: Are you being blamed for every argument or mistakes? That’s what makes you feel heavy and question your contribution to the relationship.

Make Believe techniques: Gaslighters tend to keep repeating their falsehood to make believe for the events and your own perception about you. If you are constantly being called toxic after awhile you will start accepting yourself as a toxic person.

Isolating Victim:  They keep isolating you from your friends and family making you more and more dependent on your partner in so many aspects that you will start growing terror of losing the person. Slowly, you will accumulate more fear from your relationship than the love you may be receiving.

Hollow Hope: Your partner is trying to change, yet you don’t see that happening. After every argument they only promise to change and ask you to be patient forever without serving any results. This is just a false hope.

Unhealthy Control: Gaslighters tend to be controlling and dominating in every aspect of your life. Taking advantage of you could be their sole purpose of being in a relationship with you, filling you with insecurity, fear of loss and self-doubt.

It would take strength to realize what situation you are in. Analyze things objectively rather than being emotionally driven. But you need to realize that nothing is worth losing yourself.

Hope we are helpful ☺️🌻

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