NPC Meaning in Games: The Role of Non-Player Characters

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NPC Meaning in Games

Games cannot be played alone, or at least it’s fun if played alone whether it’s offline or online and thus most of the games come with an NPC– “Non-Playing Character”. This is a character which is not to be influenced by the actions of participating players in the game. 

Their role is to facilitate the actual players into the game or new levels. It might be the same “NPC” throughout the game or keep changing on some levels.

Like while I played dungeon and dragons, I used to be that NPC most of the time “The Dungeon Master” . I am telling it was a serious position to play, a wrong Dungeon Master would make the whole game boring.

In the same way on video games as well have these non-playing characters who remain with you in the game to keep the game moving like in the “Pac-Man” the four ghosts chasing you are the NPC, without them chasing there would be no fun.

NPC Meaning: For a Real Person

The word emerging out of the video games has found its place in modern day slang. You may find people using “NPC” describing the similar behavior in people. An NPC in real life is someone who lacks a personal opinion and is driven by what the majority approves or falls under the common social norm.

Let’s say for example if you are in a group discussion and find a person replicating the words or opinion of others without adding their own thoughts they are behaving like an NPC.

What is more about NPC: In Real Life

To understand a person with NPC behavior you have to imagine yourself as if you are in a game already, sometimes I do that with my college friends, give it a kick!😉

Loose opinions, no views: A real life NPC lacks opinion or do not have view of the world on their own as if they are confused about everything, or may agree to you often, like what to order, what toppings they  want on pizza, as well lacking interest in politics, religion,  social issues, they might not even know about “stay woke”.

Lacking personal diction: Talking to an NPC is like reading a plagiarized paragraph again and again. They don’t speak their own thoughts much often but rather just keep repeating the words picked up from somewhere.

While it is fun sometimes to find NPC in real life, we should remember that it will be rude to simply tag someone as “NPC” openly. We all take our time to build our personality given the life situations, some might just need your patience and support, especially if they are close ones.

I will be decoding more slangs for you, stay connected 😚

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