Decoding Stay Woke Meaning: Understanding Its Significance

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Stay Woke Meaning

We live in a world with diversity and differences. On one Level this diversity makes our existence beautiful at the same time on social levels we can see oppressive behavior, injustice and inequality as well. Groups of individuals divide themselves making communities and the majority tends to dominate the minority groups, on grounds of race, wealth, gender, sexuality or otherwise.

The phrase “STAY WOKE” is a rallying cry for awareness, activism and being actively attentive to social issues and matters of injustice going around in the world.

The word has its origin from African American Vernacular English (AAVE)

Black Lives Matter

The phrase gains a significant importance in the United States, especially in the context of Black Lives Matter movement that spread globally informing more people about the inequality raising discussions about racial injustice in the society.

Why To Use the Phrase “Stay Woke”?

“Stay Woke” is more than just a catchy slogan. This phrase serves its purpose by encouraging individuals to not to turn a blind eye to the problems being unaware or passive but rather participating in being part of the solution, being vigilant and conscious of the issues in the world offering a voice to the minor communities to gain justice and live with equal rights as every other individual.

Using the Phrase “Stay Woke”

It’s important to understand that the phrase itself is not gender specific; anyone who uses it is meaning the same thing. This only symbolizes the equality that the phrase is trying to bring to the world.

Stay woke” is not a bad or a vulgar word, the term is very commonly used to urge people to stay aware.

Stay woke” is neither a typo or grammatical error; it’s a globally accepted term now being used in context of social matters.

The term has gained its significance. Lead Belly uses these words while in a discussion about his song “Scottsboro Boys”. It refers to a real-life incident in 1931 involving nine Black teens who were wrongfully convicted for allegedly raping two white women.

You can listen to this recording on YouTube from the link below, pause at 4:30 to notice the phrase.

Stay Woke is more than a phrase, it is a way of living where you decide not to let discrimination happen and if it has happened then make an effort to bring balance in justice.

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