FOMO Meaning in Text – A Rising Concern on Mental Health

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FOMO Meaning in Text

All of us have this desire to live our life to the fullest, but what is the measuring bar that we have set to determine if we really are enjoying, generally we let someone else do that for us or maybe judge our experiences comparing to what others are doing or achieving.

While in some cases it may work as motivational push to spread one’s boundary and live life to its fullest.

At times it causes our mind to experience “FOMO”. But what is this FOMO? That we are going to discuss detail in this article.

FOMO is an acronym of “Fear Of Missing Out” the term seems quite literal but at the same time it can be an outcome of deep emotions that a person is struggling with.

FOMO Meaning in Text

It is general human nature to seek the feeling that they belong and are included. The common way to do that is connecting with people and seeking recognition of our life’s achievement by other’s, friends, family, and sometimes even the people who wouldn’t make a big difference in our life.

With the digitization era we as a population have become more prone to the phenomena of this “FEAR OF MISSING OUT”. You scroll Instagram, explore YouTube, or any such social media and you put yourself in a place where you might start questioning “why isn’t your life as happening as there’s and this pushes you to feel maybe you are missing out in life.

FOMO’s favorite weapon is comparison.

It kills gratitude and replaces it with “not enough”. – Brene Brown

FOMO is considered as a concern in mental health, people experiencing it may have:

  • Lack Of Sleep
  • Emotional Tension
  • Compulsive Urge to Be Included
  • Hard Time in Saying “NO” To Plans
  • Anxiety
  • Lack Of Control on Emotions

What Situations May Trigger FOMO?

There could be reasons multiple or apart than just social media influence:

Unfamiliar Social Gatherings: A place you are unfamiliar and other people flaunt to be cooler than you. This may trigger your mind to think as if you aren’t doing good in life as much as they are, while in reality you aren’t much aware of the background.

Academic Struggle: Getting a better college, scoring good grades, being smart is charming we see that in Ben in (Never Have I Ever), but as well this causes us to ignore our basic demands of the body.

Career Opportunities: Being ambitious keeps us on track of growth but a comparative growth may wear down our motivation. FOMO isn’t only for teens but it affects adults too.

Draping of Social Media: People on social media choose to show the good times mostly where they party, travel, go to fancy restaurants, meet attractive people, watching this while sitting at home may give us a sense of inferiority.

JOMO: A Victory over FOMO

What you need to understand is everybody has their own baggage in life. We all walk on our different paths and only a smiling face makes it an easier and happier journey and that’s what counts.

JOMO is a short-term for “Joy Of Missing Out” that describes the pleasure one experiences in one’s own company, a feeling of contentment with one’s own pursuit of life and activities. This can be achieved by some small habits that include Self-company.

  • Less Social Media Scrolling
  • Reading a book in quiet
  • Going Alone for a walk
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Thanking note to friends and family who are present for you
  • Meditation

“The moment I am going to compare myself with others, I am setting myself up for misery”


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