IYKYK Meaning in Text: Understanding the Slang on Instagram

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IYKYK Meaning in Text

Do you as well like sometimes using words that only you and your certain people will understand?

if so, then you would find it very useful to use this acronym “IYKYK” in the conversation with your friends or the person you selectively wanna infer some message to, although this sort of Gen-Z slang is quite in use, you can smartly use it to mean something only a certain individuals will understand.

This acronym “IYKYK” stands for “If you know you know”, by using this you can simply say something without even saying it. How cool is that ! Right?😍

IYKYK Meaning in Text and Instagram 

It is possible that you came across a post on Instagram with caption #iykyk or received a text iykyk attached with a photo or a video maybe, and this left you puzzled. Honestly it happens to me as well, the internet is filled with such slang and acronyms. The more I delve, new ones keep popping up.

But you don’t worry I’ll explain this to you,

In case this caption #iykyk you saw in some post and didn’t understand it’s because the post wasn’t meant to be understood by all but rather by only a certain group of people you share the experience or information about the same. So, it’s safe to assume you aren’t being left out but rather your “IYKYK” post is yet to come in your feeds.

Although if someone texts you iykyk attached with some image, meme or video the sender is simply trying to make a joke or tell you something that only you two share. Actually, receiving a “iykyk” from an acquaintance will be anyway easy to decode when you already know the full form “if you know you know”.

Where to Use Iykyk ?

Generally, iykyk is used on social media targeted on certain fan groups or followers, let’s say for instance if you are not a follower of the world-renowned k-pop BTS, you will not at all understand their fanbase iykyk posts.

When I use this slang, I generally use it with my friends to emphasize on shared experience or a secret (hehe😁) while others wonder what we are laughing about.

You can as well use this slang among people who belong to the same background as you, professionally or academically to make some informal bonds and sound a bit cooler.

I will be bringing more such content for you, keep reading 😚

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