How Did Dora Die? Truth Behind Dora’s Death And Tiktok Trend

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How Did Dora Die? Truth Behind Dora’s Death And Tiktok Trend

Dora the explorer is one of our favorite childhood companions who took us to various adventures virtually. Thinking about her brings us to think about the joy of the various quests she followed. I still remember waking up to watch adventures of our little explorer while getting ready for school, saying out loud swiper no swiping”. And my favorite episodes used to be with Diego.

With crazy trends popping up on TikTok, Dora the explorer is dead has become the new trend where people record their videos on finding out about Dora’s death.

How did Dora Die?🥺

Due to the shocking reactions filling the TikTok over Dora’s death this has become a trend and now everybody is searching for how did Dora the explorer die? It’s a video of recording yourself before and after searching about Dora’s death. So, what’s the reason for her death? Let’s find out

Dora the explorer aired on Nickelodeon Jr. for 19 years. However, in the whole run of the series Dora’s death was in none of the episodes. Then how has it become a trend is a natural question. Well, there are various reasons for Dora’s death. 17 reasons actually for how Dora died!

If you search on google reasons for Dora’s death you will be directed to this page reasons for Dora’s death where there’s 17 kill counts for Dora’s death. And I am telling you they have gone so creative, like Mauled and torn apart, knocked into a river by swiper and drowned, skull shattered.   Yeah, you will be horrified by the reasons I am really worried about the present kids if they get to know about her.

This Dora’s death got 3 million views within just 72 hours to the TikTok, the comment section was flooded with emotional and shocking reactions confirming that the video mentioned their favorite explorer’s death.

Birth of Dora the Explorer😍

Dora was born on 10th September, 1965. The Spanish artist José Antonio de Robles created this brave adventurous character for his son. Initially the character was supposed to be male but later on she emerges as a female because of her popularity. She made her initial appearance in a Spanish show La Aventura de Los 3 Caballeros. Later on, she made her appearance on the globe and became a memorable character of the Nickelodeon Jr.

So, to really decide if Dora died and how did she die is an ambiguous task but we know she lives forever in our heart as a memory and that’s something no swiper can swipe from us.

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