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How Did Squidward Die?

Hey Nickelodeon fans, we have spent hours and hours in watching one of the most famous cartoon series in television history, the SpongeBob series.

This cartoon series has won over not only children but adults as well, in fact sometimes me and my friends fight over making scenarios possible. We all have our favorites from the vibrant and amazing characters of Bikini Bottom, including Squidward the pessimistic octopus living as a neighbor of our spirited “square pants”.

Squidward’s sarcasm and adult-like behavior added a very relatable and funny flavor to the cartoon series. But it took a rather spooky turn when Squidward died.

How Did Squidward Die? They say it was a suicide 🥺

We know how much Squidward loved playing his Clarinet, he would practice with it in his personal time only to be disturbed by Patrick and SpongeBob. And this is how it started, when one fine day he was practicing his clarinet to be played later in a concert.

This episode was supposed to air as the premier of the SpongeBob Square pants season 4. But as the episode progresses, it horrified the animators and editors with the quirky sound effects and violent pictures that weren’t actually authorized to be in the footage.

In the episode, Squidward plays his clarinet in a concert which goes all wrong for him, the audience Boo him and Squidward is shown all hopeless and miserable, more than usual.

The added ghostly sound effects really give a chill twist to this happy show. This episode was not at all with giggles but rather a gore story of death.

We find Squidward sinking in embarrassment inside his home, sobbing almost like a real person. This continues until we see his eyes all red and blood dripping with an increasing volume of crying in the background.

Finally, the crying stops and a voice shouts “DO IT”, we see Squidward holding a gun shooting himself to death. In the end we only see his remains on the screen.

Truth About Squidward’s Death: Did Actually Squidward Die? 🤫

Now it is important for you to note that Squidward did not die in any of the SpongeBob’s episode. This scene is rather a Creepypasta which spread like wildfire on the internet.

The story was shared by an anonymous user sharing his internship at Nickelodeon Studio 2005. It was him who claimed to have seen this lost episode and thus described the gore events.

It was on 6th April 2010 that someone posted this story on the internet. Soon the story attracted a lot of attention and people started making videos and animations.

This episode still captures a lot of minds and again it has surfaced on the internet through TikTok, where people are recording their reactions to Squidward’s death.

So, the answer to the question if Squidward dies? We can conclude, in some fan-made episodes, Yes. But not in the Official Nickelodeon episodes. You can find a bunch of videos on the YouTube Caption with “Squidward’s Suicide” or “Red Mist”.

Here I am sharing a few, the story is similar. Although, you must watch a happy episode of SpongeBob after this, thanks for being our faithful readers 😚

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