How Old is Rosalina? Real Age of Rosalina Revealed!!

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How old is Rosalina?

Mario world has a diverse fan base thanks to its diverse characters introduced over time. And one such character whose charisma really attracts me is my beautiful Rosalina, however I prefer her name as Rosetta as it is more famously called in Japan.

When she made her debut in Super Mario Galaxy (2007), as a non-player character, a whole new fandom for her was created, I guess a lot it had to do with her rather sadder back story in contrast with Princes Peach.

But more to that Rosalina has a strong character and later on she does appear as a player character in the subsequent Mario Games. We know Rosalina as guardian of space and adoptive mother of Lumas (fictional species of star-like creatures) but it’s a question for a lot of fans what is Rosalina’s age?

Let’s reveal this answer

How old is Rosalina? Younger than her age😳

So, How old is Rosalina? Well, when we learn about Rosalina, she started her journey as the protector of the cosmos at the age of 24 as stated by the official Super Mario Galaxy art book.  Later on, in Super Smash Bros, Rosalina’s trophy mentions her to be 28 years old. Although it is very uncommon as only her age was mentioned.

More about Rosalina: The protector of cosmos🤛🏾

Rosalina is a character with great power, as her duty is to watch over the universe as a guardian. We learn Rosalina’s backstory in her storybook, which you will find in the Comet observatory’s library in Super Mario Galaxy. It describes her past of living on the earth and how she met the Lumas.

The story book was written by Yoshiaki Koizumi, in fact late at night so that no one will have a chance to find out about  it, “for a long time, it really felt like telling a story in a Mario game was something that wasn’t allowed” said Yoshiaki in an interview.

Rosalina is made a wise, mature and kind woman with motherly instincts, whose life’s mission is to protect the cosmos. Initially Rosalina’s character was supposed to be related to Princess Peach but this contemplation did not remain as an element of the final story, and that’s why you will find some similarities between both the characters.

I hope we answered your queries about our favourite Rosalina, Thanks for being our faithful readers😚

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