How Much Does the Earth Cost? Let’s find the value of our Earth

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How Much Does the Earth Cost

We live because earth exists, if you have watched the series Young Sheldon, in very simple words the young boy explains how the Earth is exactly where it should be to support life. Thus, it almost makes our Earth an invaluable planet. You may be wondering now, is it even possible to calculate the value of our home planet Earth?  Well to your astonishment YES!!!

The value of the Earth has already been successfully calculated. How was it possible? Who did it? What is the value? Let’s learn

How Much Does the Earth Cost?🤔

The determined cost of the Earth is 5 quadrillion dollars.

$5,000,000,000,000,000 honestly this the highest number value I have written so far and I am sure most of us are seeing such a big number for the first time only. It’s a massive amount and that’s great cause if there’s a value there could be a buyer. How scary that would be!

How is the value of the Earth calculated?🤓

Now you may be wondering how is it even possible to calculate the value and why would anyone even do that, this isn’t a commodity. But you know anything is possible today and the answer to the latter amusement is deep rooted in the Capitalist soul of humans.

To calculate the value a simple equation was devised in which the following factors were considered for assigning the value of the planet:

Planet’s star: planets that orbit a bright star were assigned more value, like if a planet revolves around Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky) that will be considered more valuable. Earth revolves around the Sun which is considered to have a moderate brightness.

Habitability: It is obvious the planet capable of supporting life and liquid water were to be given more value.

Apart from these various other factors like planet’s size, mass, life, temperature, resources were taken into consideration ranging from lands to rivers, a lot was put price upon.

Here the fact we must understand is, we have judged the value from a human’s perspective. Whatever makes the planet more usable to us will be of higher worth. But is there a possibility of another perspective? Something Alien? Have you watched Dune how the resource of the barren planet put a war. I hope I am not being delusional but rather putting a different perspective to make this conversation more interesting.

Who calculated the value of the Earth?🧐

Sure, you must be wondering now, who actually calculated the value of the Earth. Well, Greg Laughlin, an astronomy teacher and astrophysicist at the University of California, was the one to successfully devise a formula in order to calculate the total cost of Earth.

To give an emphasis on how valuable the Earth is, he also calculated the value of two other planets, based majorly upon the usefulness for living things.

Mars: $16,000

Venus: Tragically this poor planet was valued at one cent 🥲

I guess days are not far when we will literally give stars to our partners. Hehe kidding, thanks for being our faithful readers😚.

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