What Does “TT” Mean on Snapchat, in text and other Social Media

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What Does TT Mean on Snapchat?

social media is an ever-evolving landscape where terms and slangs keep emerging overnight, making it so difficult to keep up with the latest terms, sometimes even I feel like I am decoding a secret or something. But you never have to worry about decoding these new slangs and acronyms, as we explain the acronyms and slangs right here.

One such acronym that was bothering me is “tt” or “TT” . You can use it both ways. The real issue is that this acronym has a number of different meanings which I had to learn about so that I bring you the best informative article.

What Does tt Mean on Snapchat and Other Social Media:📲

As the dictionary of slangs is getting thicker these terms keep encrypting themselves, one simply cannot use the term “tt” simply by knowing the full form, in different contexts this can mean different things, so now let’s learn them now.

Originally on snapchat “TT” stood for the feature Tap to Text which allowed the users to add text to their snaps simply by tapping on the screen.

With the popularity of using slang everywhere tt shifted from its technical meaning to being “Too True”. It is used when someone agrees with someone strongly. It is simply like saying “so true”, just in a new short way. Generally, it’s a term that someone uses as a reciprocation or agreement. Not only on snapchat but you can find this term on other social media as well.

For example, if someone posted something or put a story with, “solitude is the key to a peaceful mind” you can comment or reply to them with TT.  You can also reply with tt when someone shares something funny with you or relatable. (My friends just generally do that, we exchange snaps of our pet dogs, and we have so much relatable moments)

TT can also be used as a caption if the post or story image explains itself. While some people use tt with # (#TT).

Some people also use tt as emphasis, let’s say “I am happy that I cleared things up with you, TT”. However, a more common term in slang for emphasis is “ISTG”.

What does TT mean in texting? 🤔

Meaning of TT varies, but the second most famous one that I found is a symbol for “crying” or “tears”. If someone texted you, TT, it means they are portraying or expressing a crying face without using an emoji, well some people do that when I was new to chatting I didn’t use emoji.

Generally, this will happen on platforms where emojis aren’t available but some people simply have this habit of short text too rather than searching for the right emoji. Here TT isn’t any abbreviation for words but rather a symbol for tears or tearfulness.  

Now you must be wondering why TT ever means crying, even if it had full form Tears-Tears still it wouldn’t make much sense. Right?

But I’ll explain much before this age of emojis. The smileys and expressions were made in text only for example [smile :), tongue : p, sad : ( ] now look at TT carefully assuming the upper horizontal line as closed eyes and lower vertical lines as flowing tears. Are you able to see that now? And that’s why to express crying or tears TT is used and in this specific case it has to be in upper case only (TT) for the shape.

Other meanings of TT

We have discussed the most common uses of “TT”, but depending on specific contexts the meaning can change simply being an abbreviation. Now let’s discuss them:🤓

TT Transformation Tuesday: This is related to self-development. A catchy reminder for one-self to spend 10 mins a week cleaning and organizing so that it affects your mind positively. Some people also use it for diet and exercise plans, with a hashtag posting before and after pic revealing out their progress. You may try cleaning your table, arranging clothes or something like that can prove to be really productive and peaceful for the mind. I generally clean my room once I feel too messed up in my mind. An organized space makes a peaceful mind.

TT Till Tomorrow: This one is quite simple to use and understand in a conversation. Let’s say your friend asks you “How long are you gonna keep the book from the library?” If you are to reply “Till Tomorrow”. You can text them, “TT”. Simple, right?

TT Time to Talk: If you have received a plain text “TT” it is possible that the person is simply asking for your time to have a conversation, most probably a text conversation. A “Hi” could be for general chat while TT could mean a specific conversation or even something serious.

TT Tit for Tat: People now use abbreviations for this idiom, obviously in the texting world who would type a whole sentence like meaning. Although you have to make sure that your timing and content for TT is specific or it may confuse the person.

TT Throwback Thursday: This one might be a little less known, people use it in captions for nostalgic pictures from the past. However, a wide number of people also use #TBT for the same ultimately making our TT less common.

The list may keep going; some more less famous meanings of TT are TikTok, Twin Telepathy, Time Travel, and Triple Threat.

Hey, guys with some intensive research I have brought to you all the possible meanings of TT so that you are not puzzled once you see it pop up in your text or any social media. Thank you for being our faithful readers 😚

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