Rsvp Meaning In Wedding Card: Response To The Invitation

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Rsvp Meaning In Wedding Card

Wedding is a celebration, filled with happiness and a romantic aura. Everything about it is the reason for a wide smile. But, is it all? The day as joyous it is,also comes with responsibilities and most of it to be handled depends upon the number of guests expected in the wedding.

But how can you know that precisely in advance? The answer is RSVP, this actually an abbreviation for the French term “repondez s’il vous plait”  in English it will be translated as “Please Respond”. It is a polite request by the couple to let them know whether the invited guest will be attending the wedding or not.

Typically wedding invitations are received with an RSVP card so that invited guests can fill up the details of their arrival and send it right away to avoid any delay in their assurance of arrival. Also, an RSVP is only obligated by the invited guests be they receiver of the invitation or not on first hand.

In addition to your arrival’s promise, you can as well add needed details about your diet or preference so that the happy pair can be prepared in advance. For instance, most of my family members are health conscious and some are even 🥕 vegan, so we make sure to add that little polite request to consider our choices😋

RSVP is a Response

It is indeed tradition and memorable to receive an RSVP as a card, while some people simply add email address and phone numbers 📳 to make it an efficient and easier process.

Adding RSVP makes it convenient for couples to make the arrangements possible for all the guests according to their preferences, let’s say sitting arrangements, food habits and other amenities. It gives them a final figure to decide the further details of the wedding apart from the date and venue.

Make Sure You Respond

It is always healthy to make your arrival expected, thus don’t be lazy in responding to the invitation as soon as you have considered your own schedule for the day, this might make you feel uninvited on the wedding, if you arrive without a confirmation when the response was expected.

I personally feel it’s a good idea when the RSVP is expected by a specified date, this makes the process of arrangements convenient with the number of precise head count in the mind.

And apart from the benefits, I also feel it serves as a symbol of mutual respect, as the host considers our presence important for their special day and extends their invitation it is natural of us to reciprocate with consideration towards their invitation through a humble response.

We don’t just inform, we talk. Stay connected for more 😚

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