ISTG Meaning In Text: Where And How To Use It?

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ISTG Meaning In Text

It has become almost impossible to hold a conversation without using an acronym or slang. The Internet is swamped with terms we find amusing and don’t know about.

Although it is important to understand the most common terms being used on different social media and texting cultures to stay updated and not feel left out digitally. One such term you are wondering about is “ISTG”, don’t worry here you will learn all about it precisely.

ISTG Meaning In Text Explained 🤓

This slang is an acronym for “I Swear To God”. You may find this slang on social media posts or in text conversation with friends as well. It’s not important to use the acronym in uppercase only, however uppercase ISTG can be used to express intensity in the context.

The Urban Dictionary has the same definition for the slang with one more addition “I Swear to God. Promising.” Essentially both have the same meaning.

ISTG actually has more than one straightforward meaning, and can be used in varied contexts. So now let’s delve into different meanings:

Confidence or Promise 🤝🏽

When trying to convince someone to believe what you are describing about some events that might raise doubt in another person’s mind, an ISTG text gives them a sense of assurance and that you are confident about your experience being described.

ISTG adds a flavour of sincerity to your words making an effective appeal to the person to believe you.

e.g. ISTG! Our science project was canceled.

    Istg I saw your boyfriend in the café with someone. (Little Dramatic)

You can also use this while making a promise to someone or giving your words in a strong gesture. So that the person feels assured of your commitment. Or you can also tell istg while you are being honest about something.

E.g. I will return you the book by next Monday, istg.🥺

    Chris, istg, I haven’t told anyone about your cat.


An ISTG is also used to express exasperation or annoyance about something or over someone. It is one of the most common ways to use this slang. In general, an istg in frustration comes with a hint, any sarcasm or some clear interjections like ahh, ugh! That shows a clear frustration. It goes both ways, either you use it or you understand it when you receive one.

 e.g. Ugh! ISTG, there’s so much work yet to be completed.

     Ahh, don’t reply to me late or I will just go to sleep, ISTG.

Emphasis on an opinion 👌🏽

A more interesting way is to use Istg to emphasize your opinion or idea, or while making a suggestion about something. Let’s say you tried a new café and you are suggesting that to your friend, add an istg to make it a firm opinion. This is how I use it most of the time.

e.g. You must go to this new café I went to last week, ISTG, it has the most chill ambiance.

    ISTG, my mum makes the best Choco-chip Pancakes.

Istg is also sometimes typed as “is2g” or simply “s2g” but this doesn’t change the meaning of the text. Also, ISTG is simply a modern slang and thus it shouldn’t be equated with religion, even though it does include “God”.

So now you have added one more slang to your personal vocab, ISTG you will enjoy using it 😚

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