Whoville Characters – Meet The Supernatural Beings From A Clover Flower

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Whoville Characters

When books are turned visual, it makes the best memory! We all are thrilled by Harry Potter, a book initially quoted as meant for kids now holds an unforgettable place in every Millennial’s heart, and I guess Gen-Zs as well. One such land of fiction is Whoville populated with interesting characters that we bring to you today to relish on old memories.

Now be ready as you will return to your childhood reading this article, let’s bring them alive from your long unattended memory of childhood..😍

Whoville Characters

Whoville is fictional but a very alive town created by one of our best authors and Cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel, under the name Dr Seuss. Whoville has appeared in two different books but with some really noticeable differences. It first was created in the book Horton Hears a Who! in 1954 and then it appeared in 1957 in the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 

The denizens of Whoville go by the name “Whos”, the plural form of who.

Do you know where Whoville exists?

The two books mention Whoville in which only Horton Hears a Who!  talks about its precise location that is, within a floating speck of dust which is later placed upon a clover flower by Horton the Elephant. In the other book  How the Grinch Stole Christmas! There is no precise location but a geographical reference mentions several thousand foot tall “Mount Crumpit”.

Eccentric Characters from Whoville

Writers are like God of small things; they create their own world and people. And characters of Whoville are such amazing creatures of Dr Seuss’s fiction world. Let’s recall those amazing habitants of Whoville who also reside in the hearts of people.

We are bringing the amazing characters from the 2018 animated adaptation movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”,

The Grinch

More than a “who” he is a “what” considered in Whoville. Grinch holds a rather cynical personality with a different appearance compared to the other “whos” in the town having a cat like face and green colour. In the movie he is shown as having a lack of empathy for all Whos. Grinch used to live in a lonely place away from those in the hills behind Whoville, adding more quirk to his character. He is an important character for the movie thus raising the character alive with Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice made him an iconic character.

Max the Dog

Max is a cheerful dog who loves to stay with the Grinch. It was only out of his love for Grinch that he helped him try to ruin Christmas, while in reality just like everyone in the town he loved Christmas too. 

Cindy Lou Who

Cindy plays the main character, a kind little girl who talks to the Grinch and shows him how the whos can be good to him. Cranky Grinch listened to Cindy Lou because of her kind nature towards him, she was never scared of the Grinch even though he had an odd personality and short temper. Lou who is loved by all the denizens of Whoville as she is a sweet girl kind to everyone. Unlike Grinch she lived with her family and loved holidays. Cindy is shown having a lot of friends given her nature.

Donna Who

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a generous character. She is the epitome of kindness in Whoville. Donna is the loving mother to her children Tommy and Gracie. She is a bright character in the movie with a nurturing personality.

Like Cindy, Donna is a big fan of the holiday season and truly believes in spreading joy. She as well showed kindness to the Grinch as she believes in the goodness of others and helped Grinch find the joy of holidays even after his attempt to ruin Christmas eve.

Mayor McGerkle

The major twist that this movie adapted was giving a female Mayor to the town unlike other adaptations that always choose a male one following the trend. She is shown wearing a formal dress and loves Christmas. While in 1999’s “How the Christmas Stole Christmas” movie the mayor was an antagonist here we have McGerckle who wants the best for her town and offers an amazing Christmas holiday to the people.


Izzy is quite an adorable character shown in the movie, she loves to study and is friends with lovely Cindy who even though she is a bit younger than her. The character here is a child and thus her voice was given by Scarlett Estevez. She misses her presence in some of the stories but she brings quality to the movie making it worthier.


Given her tall height, Axl seems a bit older than her friends. But she is around the same age as Cindy. Axl being a really supportive friend helps Cindy with her plan to set up a trap for Santa. You would find her in blue clothes throughout the movie.


Groopert has a rather baby-like appearance. He has blue eyes that give him a really pretty look, with red curly hair. Although he doesn’t like Bricklebaum’s dog at all just like Izzy.


Bricklebaum is an addition in the Whoville town in this version. He is the guy in the movie who is nice to everyone and also has a dog who gives his character depth. Unlike others, Bricklebaum is fond of the Grinch and claims to be his best friend as he lives close to him.

So now you have met the most significant characters of Whoville. Although in different adaptations a few characters would change and might be missing. Here I brought to you the most shining characters of all time.

Popular Adaptations: All the Whoville movies and series

The green monster is not just one, if you look for Grinch there you will find versions of Whoville movies, over the years Whoville has only gained popularity among children and adults of generations. Here I have listed some of the famous movie and series adaptations:

One thing I assure you, any version of Whoville you watch you will have a great time as the characters have depth and quirky twists to make the story interesting and intense. Those who possess enduring qualities of which I admire the most are their ability to come together as a community and the compassion they show for each other. Characters of Whoville are creatures of kindness and strength.

I hope you were inspired by the characters of Whoville. Thanks for being our faithful readers😚

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