21 Questions Game Freaky: Bring the Most Interesting Questions to the Group

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21 Questions Game Freaky: Bring the Most Interesting Questions to the Group

I am sure you all remember the episode in Friends when Rachel and Monica lose their apartment in a question game. Damn that was such an iconic episode. Such a hilarious game that it was played once more in the Friends Reunion as well.

We know questions and interrogations make a conversation interesting. Whether you are in a group, in a relationship or just playing truth and dare in a party, when you ask the most interesting questions it makes you stand out and suddenly you become an interesting person getting the attention of the people around you.

Here we have brought to you the most amazing 21 questions that you can ask your friends, family and even your date. Whether you are planning a party, or going on a date, these questions will make a memorable evening.

21 Questions Game for a Get Together: Freaky Questions🤩

When you have planned a get together or something like a small party. You would want to make it interesting, and only snacks won’t do it. Question games like truth and dare or never have I ever made things fun and so this “21 question game” will do! I personally prefer question games a lot. It gives a kick to my kinky mind, and that’s why I searched and made up a bunch of questions for a really fun game. These questions can be asked among friends even with some new people around. So, let’s get started:

When you are just beginning to throw the questions it’s better to raise your scale from easy then to some really freaky questions. And that’s how the following questions have been designed.

  1. If you had to, who would you kiss among the present group?
  2. What you wanted to be as a child?
  3. If you have ever stolen something? What was it?
  4. Which insect or animal are you scared of the most?
  5. What is one thing you really want to do but you keep on procrastinating?
  6. Whom do you really want to disappear from your life?
  7. If you had alter-sexuality (let’s, say gay, bi, straight) who would be your crush?
  8. What was your shortest term for a relationship?
  9. What is the weirdest reason that you have rejected someone for?
  10. If possible, would you prefer to be a single child?
  11. Did you ever feel like you had different parents?
  12. Which ex you would never get back with and why?
  13. Which ex would you be ready to get back with?
  14. If not the bedroom, where would you wanna make-out?
  15. Which celebrity do you hate the most and why?
  16. What is your best charm to turn on someone?
  17. You get to choose 3 people for a trip to India who would they be?
  18. What is the wildest thing you have done so far?
  19. Choose: You can date any person you want but for a week only then someone else or fall in love with only one person to be with for the rest of the life.
  20. Have you ever been with someone who is cheating on their partner and you know they are cheating?
  21.  If you had to, what would you give up, FOOD OR SEX?

Guys I am sure you wouldn’t find these questions anywhere so do try this “21 Freaky Questions” game in the next get together at your place.

21 Best Rapid-fire Questions For You 🤯

An amazing thrill can be added to this game by making it a rapid-fire question (what a fun it was in the lightning round) although the questions here are generally short answer based or one word, let’s bring to you the best questions for your rapid fire, here you go:

  1. What was your favourite year in your life?
  2. What’s your favourite place to go on a date?
  3. What’s your favourite place to go alone?
  4. Your favourite movie that you tell people?
  5. Do you repeat a show you watched again?
  6. Ever written a poem for someone?
  7. What do you prefer, handmade gifts or something bought?
  8. Ever made out outside?
  9. Monogamy or polygamy?
  10. What would you change about the world?
  11. If you could, what would you upgrade in yourself: Looks, Income or Friend Circle.
  12. Do you read books? Name your favourite?
  13. Your house in Harry Potter?
  14. If you could, who would you raise back from dead in Harry Potter?
  15. Every time you kill a cockroach a butterfly dies as well would you still kill?
  16. Any rumour you spread about someone, what was it?
  17. Do you wish Bella Swan to marry Jacob instead of Edward?
  18. Be a vampire or a werewolf?
  19. Kill your partner or get killed by them?
  20. Outing on weekends or staying at home all day?
  21. Increase your beauty but reduce your age: Yes? or no?

These questions will raise the adrenaline of the participants for sure.

21 Questions To Ask In A Relationship: Know Them Better And Deeper 😍

Asking questions is not only a fun activity but it reveals more about your partner, giving a deeper insight into their personality. Asking questions is also a sign of bold personality and it shows that you have an ability to hold a conversation showing deeper interest into the person.

I generally build an interrogatory conversation with my date in order to understand their personality better and they also feel more interested when the answers are reciprocated. So now let’s have a look at these intriguing questions:

The questions start with simple psychology, ending with some interesting revealing factors about the person when they answer honestly.

  1. What’s your favourite song lyric?
  2. What’s the best quality that any of your ex had?
  3. If you get a chance, will you make an all-night 24 hours or all day 24 hours?
  4. What’s something that you can’t tolerate in your partner?
  5. What’s your best childhood memory?
  6. What’s your favourite season?
  7. Which animal would you keep as a pet?
  8. What is the oddest job, according to you?
  9. What’s your dream country to settle in?
  10. What’s your dream destination for a honeymoon?
  11. Indoor date or outdoor date?
  12. During snowfall, will you play outdoors or stay at home drinking hot chocolate?
  13.  Who or what is that you think about right after you wake up?
  14. What is it that you find attractive in me the most?
  15. What are you grateful for the most in your current life?
  16. Do you believe in God?
  17. What if I tell you I have experienced paranormal events in my childhood?
  18.  Do you want to spend your later life in the city or upstate?
  19. Who would be your potential crush in your own gender?
  20. If you get a chance, will you be living on mars as the first civilization?
  21. Who is your favourite writer?

These questions will really make an interesting conversation and will tell you a lot about the person. Also, you don’t need to just keep on jumping to the next question, it can be interesting to discuss the answers and learn more about each other.

I really care about my readers 🥰, so here I am adding a link to the 10 questions that will help you know a person faster when you are on your first date.

So, I hope you loved this article and I have tried to bring to you the most unique and intriguing 21 questions. Thank you for being our faithful readers.😚

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