Glulam vs LVL: Choosing the Best Timber for Your Project

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Glulam Vs LVL

Building a structure requires informed decision and thus it is important to understand the components one is going to use for building. Wood is a convenient and popular choice in architecture given its strength, availability and versatile nature. Moreover, it also gives an aesthetic appeal to the whole architecture standing.

Glulam Vs LVL

Now two commonly used engineered wood products for construction are Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) and LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber). Now we will explore the features, benefits and uses of these two types of woods LVL and Glulam. So that you can make an informed decision in using the wood for your construction.

First let’s understand these two types of woods before making a comparison.

Glulam: Strong and Flexible

Glulam is made by holding together multiple layers of wood with a high-power adhesive. When you look at it, it’s a well-bonded stack of lumbers held together or glued together. Good thing about Glulam is that it comes in a variety of sizes but also can be customized in designs as per the demand. Generally, one chooses Glulam in construction of vaulted roofs, domes and also bridges given its versatile design possible with stiffness and strength.

You can find a lot of curved and truss structures made with Glulam, curved beams, arches, and complex columns are just a few examples. Here, you will find some of the astonishing architecture made by glulam. Glulam Projects.

Advantages in using Glulam: Properties of Glulam

I suppose it is anyway known to you that glulam timbers are really strong and since they are made with smaller pieces of lumber, we can say they are resource efficient. Let’s see the other benefits of using glulam for construction.

Glulam can be used for versatile structures. You can get customized shapes from glulam and it does not only have to be simple and symmetrical. It can be shaped into complex structures forming beautiful buildings and other construction designs. 

  • Glulam due to its shape versatility aids into creative architecture and attractive designs.
  • It is considered to be cost effective as it saves your handling and transportation cost.
  • These timbers you can easily find in standard lengths and width.
  • Also, Glulam has properties of being resistant to fire which is impressive.
  • In terms of environmental effects as well, Glulam is an eco-friendly choice.
  • Now having learnt much about Glulam, let’s look at the features of LVL.

LVL: Consistent Performance

LVL you must know is also engineered wood with multiple layers of thin veneers of wood strongly glued together. So, what’s the difference? Unlike glulam, LVL is produced from sliced wood veneers. The veneers are cut and bonded together in a paralleled fashion under pressure and heat. People choose this more often for construction given its affordability.

Advantages in using LVL: Properties of LVL timber

LVL doesn’t offer wide structural versatility as compared to Glulam but some of the most common uses are beams, lintels, purlins and floor bearers as well.

  • LVL is known for its high durability and sustainable properties.
  • Strength for structural reliability and with a consistency in both width and length throughout.
  • For traditional and predictable performance in structures it is considered the best.
  • This timber has an excellence in heavy load bearing capacity, thus suitable for heavy-duty uses.
  • Given to the process of manufacturing, LVL is not prone to shrinkage or warping.
  • Very easy to cut and with regular tools.

Choosing between Glulam and LVL

Now both the timbers come with specific properties. And to choose what suits you the best, consider your needs, like for making curvy or more artistic innovative designs you may wanna consider Glulam while for traditional typical geometry LVL is cheap and best.

I hope that now you will not feel confused about choosing between Glulam or LVL. Thankyou for being faithful readers😚

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