How Many Doors Are In The World? Let’s Learn The Global Count😄🔢

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How Many Doors Are In The World

A curious mind thinks about a lot of interesting things and ideas and wonders about things that are around us. Doors are a part of our daily life while most people ignore the significance of them. 

Some people are curious enough to sit, notice and ask questions like, how many doors are in the world? 

You have been wondering about it too and that’s why you are here, now the question is, is it even possible to know about all the doors in the world?

Well, worry not, once you have approached us, your curiosity will be satiated, please keep reading.

How Many Doors Are In The World?🤔

So now to tell the exact number of doors in the world can be tricky. You will read a lot of websites that claim to tell you the exact number of doors in the world, sadly, the number of doors varies in every website. 

Some claim it’s 3.7 billion, some 10 billion. Vast difference! Right? But how do they claim these varied numbers?

Well, you are not the only one interested to know this. There have been several studies to estimate the total number of doors in the world. One study conducted by the University of Florida states that there are approximately 42 billion doors in the world

And this figure came out when they analyzed over 50 countries. My bind was blown knowing this!

Here’s an interesting fact for you, the majority of doors are located in Europe, Asia, and North America. Any guesses why?

How Do We Count The Doors In The World? 1,2,3, ..Billions!!

Now you must be pondering over how did anyone even reach that number, what was the method to calculate the doors were there men appointed to reach door to door? 

That idea could have given us more accurate results but obviously it’s a time-consuming, highly expensive process and almost an unrealistic idea.

Using satellite imagery techniques can bring some promising answers. That way buildings and houses can be looked upon and depending upon the size one can make a count with most accuracy possible.

Although this wouldn’t be this simple one requires mathematical smartness to achieve the best estimate. The University of Florida used this combination only.

There have been some other techniques as well. Like given every house has four doors and then multiplying by the number of houses. 

Some try multiplying the doors with the population of the world attributing a number of doors per person supported by good logic.

Doors: Counting Is Not Simple!!

Now apart from using the method and technique to count doors one aspect which is to be considered in mind, before counting the doors is, what is a door? In the method where one chooses 4 doors per house the basic assumption is it’s a door to walk out of the house. But there are doors inside the house as well. 

Then there are doors that you keep passing through every day, let’s say the door of the car, a café, your office and so on. In addition to that there are myriads of categories of doors, like are we to consider The Thesis Doors on the All Saints’ Church or the Columbus Doors and have you heard of Buland Darwaza (The Lofty Door) in India?

So, the first and foremost task will be to decide what doors are to be counted then jump into the method and soon you will get an estimated result.  Well, this was the journey from doors to doors hope you enjoyed. 

While figuring out the world’s doors seems like a massive task, do you wonder how many doors there are in your locality? Intriguing thought!

Thanks for being our faithful readers😚

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