Grand Rising Meaning: Understand The Depth in Greeting and The Right Response

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Grand Rising Meaning: Understand The Depth in Greeting and The Right Response

You might be now perplexed about this new greeting of “Grand Rising” . What does it mean? Why don’t people just say good morning instead, and keep a simple happy morning. Well, that’s the thing “Grand Rising” is not a simple replacement for good morning.

It holds a meaning deeper than a simple morning wish, while a good morning wish brings a smile on your face. Grand Rising has more to do with the energy with which you start your day. Although this phrase is more common in African American Vernacular English (AAVE). This phrase has become a regular term in many people’s vocabulary and that’s why you should understand what exactly it means when someone says this to you, and come up with a pleasing response.

Grand Rising Meaning

Grand rising is a word that has capsuled in it, positivity and spiritual vibrations. And that is why this phrase you find more commonly being used in religious communities or by the people who consider themselves as spiritualists.

The reason why this word has replaced good morning is because of the value given to the power of words we say in the spiritual community specially.

One reason also that is speculated is that morning sounds close to mourning and thus, people choose to say words that make you feel uplifted and thankful for the day. Grand rising is a short affirmation for starting a day with a positive attitude.

Grand Rising vs Good Morning

Although some consider these words synonymous as both are used to wish a person you should look at the words carefully and then you will know how positively loaded the phrase Grand Rising is.

Say it out loud just now, and there’s the difference the word “Grand” makes you feel as if there’s something out there great waiting for you at the same time the word “Rising” fills you with the positivity that you need for the day. Rising word itself tells that the good things have started.

And that’s the reason why I see it people use this phrase not just for the morning hours. Even its 1:00 pm they are saying this. And this is why Grand Rising holds deeper than that Good Morning means.

Grand Rising in Spiritual Affirmations

Affirmations are the statement that you say to yourself for maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day, some people say Grand Rising as affirmation to themselves in the morning before starting the day. It expresses a gratitude towards the new day that has been gifted to them with new opportunities. It is about appreciating the little things in your life and walking on a spiritual journey with acceptance and grace. Although the phrase has a religious background you can start your day with saying this as affirmation even if you are not very religious yourself. This phrase is quite powerful to start your day.

Grand Rising: Ready for the day

Grand Rising also means to buckle up and be ready for the upcoming event or challenges to come so it might be possible when someone said this to you, they are not only wishing you but giving you a heads up for the day.  You can also say this to yourself to feel strong and prepared.

Response to Grand Rising

You should reply to Grand Rising as you reply to Good Morning, like Grand Rising! Have a great day! Or simply say “wish you the same” with a humble smile. Although it’s not necessary to reply with Grand Rising, you simply go with the old and sweet way of saying “Good Morning!” with a smile.

In case of affirmations, you are simply being grateful for the new day and preparing yourself for the upcoming events with a vibrant positive attitude🤩

Hope the article was helpful, always remember to start your day with a big smile and affirmations that keeps you positive. Thank you for being our faithful readers😚

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