WTW Meaning In Text, And How To Respond

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WTW Meaning In Text, And How To Respond

Decades ago, phones were the way people used to communicate long distance, but now we know most of us use texting as primary means of communication, and texting isn’t that plain. You are supposed to be using all these features like emojis and stickers, in addition to that we have acronyms and slangs to make the conversation in less words. But some of us are still new to these terms like tt, istg, atp, etc.

The new slangs just keep popping up every night but here we solve your queries, keeping you updated about everything with all the reliable information, so let’s begin.

You receive a text “WTW” and now you don’t know how to respond and what does it actually mean. We will tell you all about it right here.

WTW Meaning in text

WTW actually has two different full forms or meanings as one would say, “what’s the word” being more common over “What the What”. Let’s understand them first.

What’s the word: WTW

When someone texts you WTW on random or as initial text they are basically asking you “wassup?” Yes! Now the slang has updated itself, just like vomit updated to puke.

Here the person is just checking on you, like what’s going on in your life or is there anything new happening. It is possible that they could also be asking you about your plans in case you are free to hang out with them.

Response to WTW

When someone is asking you WTW, you can let them know if you are down to the plan by giving response like,

I was bored, let’s meet up at my place!

Well, I’m hungry, let’s go somewhere out!

It is possible that you might be busy in that case. Just let them know how long they might have to wait or if it’s not possible for today.

Hey, I’m stuck at work and can’t meet up today.

I will be free after 5 O’ Clock.

What the What: WTW

This one is relatively less used although you should know, the person texting you “WTW” is right now surprised by something you said. Generally, it goes for some exciting news or while you are gossiping with a friend. Unlike, “What’s the Word”, “What the What” comes up in a continued conversation, like,

You: did you know Alina broke up?

Them: WTW!!! Why?

How to know the Difference?

Well, it depends on the context and as the acronym is same it might be tricky but here, I will tell you the differences,

What’s the Word: WTW generally comes with a question mark. Like, WTW? Because the intention here is to ask someone.

What the What: WTW, this one must come with an exclamation mark. WTW!!! As here, the intention is to show surprise. 

Also, I know you are pretty smart so after learning all these you will be able to guess the meaning based on the context itself.

Always, happy to help you thanks for being our faithful readers.  😚

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