Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses: Glasses That Have Witnessed Most Gruesome Murders, Up For Sale

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Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses

Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t someone unknown to the world, especially after the release of the 2022 Netflix series Monster there was a new surge of Dahmer’s talk and uprising in people who were taking quite keen interest in Dahmer and surprisingly also his belongings.

Which started a new but strange trend of collectibles among which the one that was sought the most was Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses. You must have noticed the stunning expensive glasses in his photos online, now this glass is being sold for a lump sum amount of $ 150,000.

Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses for Sale: Where to Buy It?

There’s a Canadian owner of collectibles business who reportedly told TMZ that he can get the Dhamer’s glasses for a sum of $150,000. As creepy it may sound but people do want to keep things that were inside Jeffrey’s house or a part of his attire, glasses that have witnessed horrible murders, cutting and boiling of body parts, would you want to keep those glasses on your bed table or maybe in the guest room as a showpiece or even wear it for yourself and feel like a monster yourself for a Halloween party, surely it will give chills to anyone.

With the glasses there are other belongings being sold as well, which you can find in Vancouver, in a cult collectible store run by Taylor James. How did he manage to get it? Well, those people have their way, he got it from Dahmer’s father’s ex-house cleaner. But this act has made the victims’ families really upset along with some people, which is an obvious reaction. To be honest even I am astonished to know anyone is interested to own anything that was once owned by such a monster.

The other items that are for sale include paperwork, family pictures, Bibles, and some silverware from Dahmer’s old house.  In fact, a number of items have already been bought. In fact, these glasses will be the second pair being sold as according to TMZ the shop has already sold the first pair to a private buyer for a bulky price.

Profit For Evil

A business being made out of Dahmer’s items raises a question of moral belief in society. Was it wrong to earn profit from the things that were once owned by a cruel murderer? Is it not wrong to buy things that have witnessed so much pain and screaming of helpless humans. This question cannot be answered from the point of view of right or wrong, there will always be arguments and ultimately the question of whom to blame? The buyer? The seller? The house worker?

But through empathy it isn’t such a difficult emotion, to understand the pain that the victim’s families go through learning about these weird sides of capitalism grown in society.

Hope the article was well informative, and quenched your curiosity for thrill and crime related topics. Thank you for being our faithful readers 😚

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