How to Match UPVC Windows to Your Home’s Architecture

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How to Match UPVC Windows to Your Home's Architecture

If you are considering choosing windows for your existing property or planning the construction of a new house, several factors need to be considered. These factors are divided into technical and aesthetic properties as well as price. It should be noted that plastic windows offer the best price-performance ratio.

Price and Quality

UPVC windows, such as those from Oknoplast, have a significant price-performance advantage compared to aluminum or wooden windows. When it comes to quality comparison, the crucial criteria are linked to the technical construction of the frame, such as profiles, panes, seals, fittings, and more. Other points like sound insulation, thermal insulation, security, and weather resistance can be important for individual needs. In the most important aspects of thermal insulation, longevity, weather resistance, and stability, UPVC windows outperform their competitors and are therefore generally a good choice.

Due to the widespread use of UPVC windows, they also feature the most modern constructions. Additionally, the low purchase price makes replacing windows attractive in light of the ever-increasing energy costs, leading to subsequently lower heating costs. Replacing windows with high thermal insulation can significantly impact your energy balance.

Those who look beyond national borders for this purpose can significantly influence the purchase price. Oknoplast have been present on the international UPVC window market for many years and are known for good and reliable quality ( UPVC windows have also been available on the market for many years.

Note: Many people are unaware that windows also require maintenance, albeit minimal. Windows should be checked annually for tightness and functionality. To preserve the materials, it is advisable to lubricate the fittings and spray the seals with silicone spray to keep the rubber supple during this check. Checking for tightness is also important to prevent unwanted heat loss. If a window is leaking, it can usually be fixed with a few simple adjustments.

The Aesthetics

Modern windows are available in different materials, shapes, and colors. With window selection, you have the opportunity to directly influence the exterior appearance of your house and give it a personal touch. However, the wide range of options can be challenging.

The most important criterion is certainly personal taste. The new windows must appeal to you. Once you have found a suitable model, the next step is to align the window layout with the house style. For instance, the tone of colored windows can sometimes clash with the building, especially if the house has a rustic style. In such cases, it might make sense to choose UPVC windows with a wood look. They closely resemble real wood windows but have a much better price-performance ratio, are easier to maintain, and often more durable. In this specific case, the architecture is the guiding factor in selecting the right windows.

In many other cases, however, you have the opportunity to define the look of the house with the choice of windows. Besides the material, you can also influence with the shape. Choosing between single-wing or double-wing windows for relatively large windows already impacts the overall appearance. The panes themselves can also influence through their properties, such as high UV protection or privacy features. In some cases, vertical or horizontal bars in the windows can underline the character of the house. Many homeowners choose to enlarge window surfaces when renovating existing buildings. In the past, larger window surfaces were often avoided. However, since modern windows have very good energy properties, there is no longer a need to forego window surfaces.

When selecting windows, it is advisable to first analyze the existing or planned building structure and, based on this, make a decision in conjunction with personal taste.

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