Can You Leave A Clogged Toilet Overnight?

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Can You Leave A Clogged Toilet Overnight

Clogged toilet is an inconvenience for any time but no one wants to wake up and find the toilet unusable. It is one of those household inconveniences that can quickly turn into a nightmare if not addressed at the right time properly. I know it might be tempting to put off dealing with it, especially if it occurs late at night although leaving the toilet clogged overnight can lead to a host of problems, that range from water to sanitation concerns.

While it’s generally not pernicious to leave the toilet clogged overnight, it’s advisable to resolve the issue as soon as possible in order to save yourself from the future trouble that might occur.

What Would Happen If You Left The Clogged Toilet Overnight?

There are a number of problems that may occur if you show laziness in resolving the problem,

Toilet overflow😱

If you are not aware, clogged toilets can overflow even without flushing. What happens is some toilets have this issue that they leak surprisingly a very small amount of water into the bowl. Because if you leave the problem as it is for long hours, the water has nowhere else to go and the toilet will overflow.

Black water😬

Added to black water what’s worse is that the water overflowing from clogged toilets is considered black water.  It is contaminated by germs and bacteria. If the toilet overflows you will have to do much more than just cleaning. You will have to sanitize all the areas that the water has touched. In that case if you leave the toilet overnight, you might wake up to a rather horrible mess.

Unbearable smell🤢

Usually, we flush the toilet and the mess goes away, or that’s what we think.  But what you need to know is that clogged toilets leave an unbearable smell and along with the smell you will realize the odor of bacteria increasing as it grows.

Proper Way To Deal With A Clogged Toilet

Now the very first move that you should make before making an attempt to unclog the toilet is to shut the paper valve in the back of the toilet. This will cause some of the rising water to drain and prevent it from overflowing.

Remember don’t flush the toilet!

Now you should be happy to know that in most cases it is really not a very difficult task to unclog the toilet. Your ultimate weapon in this scenario is a plunger.

Plungers are inexpensive but a very reliable means to clean the toilet. A plunger seals the bowl of the toilet and pushes through the water to clear the blockage. In most cases it works, if the toilet’s water level isn’t high enough, pour some water into the bowl (don’t flush), until it covers the plunger. Pump it up and down slowly at first and it will work eventually.

Hope this article helps you, thanks for being our faithful reader.😚

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