How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Caught?

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How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Caught

Jeffrey Dahmer, surely you have heard this name, especially after the netflix series released in 2022; Dahmer.

The most shady criminal of the U.S. who murdered 17 men and boys. But there’s more to this darkness, he was a cannibalist and necrophile maniac. Whose frightful crimes finally were put to stop in 1991.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Caught?

Jeffery preyed on his victims by offering them money and inviting them into his apartment, men will either go for the kinky money offer or in the hope of some sensual moments with no clue of what they are walking into. That’s how he invited Tracy Edward.

Dahmer’s arrest was possible on July 22 because Edward, one of his victims, managed to escape and contact the police informing them, he had been kidnapped by a “freak”, and had been kept captive. This fateful incident put an end to Dahmer’s cruelty. When police reached at Jeffrey’s apartment, he acted as if he wasn’t bothered by the accusation but rather took the officers to his bedside dresser for the keys to the handcuffs he laid on Tracy, claiming to the police he was just performing some kink. But that’s when events turned.

The officers found a knife hidden under the bed, upon further investigation of the apartment they found polaroids of dismembered bodies. Having been caught Jeffrey resisted but was manhandled by the officers. But it was the beginning of unraveling his gruesome crimes.

Police also found 5 severed heads preserved in the refrigerator, with two human hearts, an arm, torso and other different human organs. This was a true horror like a frozen hell. He had also preserved two penises cut from bodies of the victims in a drum, filled with two skeletons and a pair of hands.

Jeffrey Dahmer Ate His Victims: Cannibalism

The police found evidence of cannibalism while investigating Dahmer’s apartment. Neighbors used to complain about the unusual smell which he covered up by explaining it was rotten meat.

Dahmer had cooked and ate parts of his victims, a heart, bicep and thighs which he would cut in big chunks before cooking. He also boiled some skulls to keep them as souvenirs.

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Insane?

During the trial Jeffrey tried to defend himself on account of being mentally stable, but this defense was rejected by Jury. He was sentenced to multiple life terms. But died two years later brutally beaten to death by an inmate in the cell. 

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