A Graphic Look Inside Jeffrey Dahmer: A Closer Glimpse Of The Monster

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A Graphic Look Inside Jeffrey Dahmer

In 2022 a series named “DAHMER” was released on Netflix and that’s when I found my interest in Jeffrey Dahmer’s case. You probably would have heard about this name before, or even have watched the series. But series and movies are fragmented and fictionalized to catch the interest of the viewers. I had my interest in learning more about the real incidents. An in-depth look in Dahmer’s case.

This article is a detailed graphic look inside Jeffrey Dahmer, although I must warn if you have a sensitive heart, please do not complete the article. This article reveals about the atrocities of Dahmer, far more scary than the Netflix monster.

A Graphic Look Inside Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer’s acts and sadism have shocked the whole world, reading about him still gives him chills for his psychopathic lust for dismemberment and murder.

From his teenage to early adulthood Jeffrey engaged in dangerous activities turning himself into a monster. He was arrested several times for different offenses, until his final arrest in 1991 that put a stop to his cruelty. From 1978 to 1991 he brutally killed 17 boys and men aged between 14-32. Most of his victims were African American or Hispanic.

Here is the list of Jeffery Dahmer’s victims, in a chronological order of their murder:

1. Steven Hicks (June 18, 1978)

Dahmer’s first victim was an 18-year-old hitchhiker. He lures him into his family house with a promise to drive him to a concert. While in the series you see Jeffrey kissing the corpse, reality is a terror. The FBI report reveals Dahmer actually had sex with the corpse as long dreamed fantasy since he was 16. Jefferey chops off the body later to store the skin in flesh consuming acid.

2. Steven Tuomi (November 20, 1987)

Dahmer catches his next victim only after 10 years as he was scared by the cops who stopped him while he was going to dispose of Hick’s body. Jeffrey insisted that Tuomi’s death wasn’t planned. Tuomi’s body meets the same fate of being dismembered and dissected, while head is saved as a souvenir.

3. James Doxtator (January 18, 1987)

This event gives me chills. A 14-year-old while escaping from his abusive step- father falls prey to this monster. Tampa Bay Times tells the story Dahmer lures the boy offering cash to bring him into his grandmother’s house where he drugged him to have sex and killed him finally.

4. Richard Guerrero (March 24, 1988)

Dahmer offers $50 cash to Guerrero to spend the night with him at his grandmother’s house. Tragically Guerrero ends up being strangled to death.

5.Anthony Sears (March 25, 1989)

An aspiring model whose genitalia and skull were kept by Dahmer in his apartment. A part of this crime is blamed on Judge William Gardner who gave Dahmer work release as a part of his one-year jail sentence, for sexually assaulting a 13 year old two months prior to this crime.

Other Murders: 

Jeffrey developed into a psychotic serial killer with a similar pattern of luring his victim’s into his apartment. Dahmer’s wicked way was to offer his victims money to pose for some nude photos and lure them into his apartment to fulfill his necrophilia desires later on dismembering and burning their bodies in acid. 

This was one of his methods to dispose of the bodies he collected, while keeping some parts as souvenirs in his fridge. A number of body parts were found inside the drum in his apartment, skull, hands, penises, even heart. The investigation of the apartment itself would have been a chilling experience.

The man had no limits for his cruelty and that’s why he is truly a monster. It’s unimaginable what his victim’s suffered before death and yet the dead bodies had to witness his psychopath methods. Dahmer in his confessions revealed that he used to pose the dead bodies and take photographs and also masturbate over their body fantasizing about them.

6.   Raymond Smith (aka Ricky Beeks) [May 20, 1990]

7.   Eddie Smith (June 1990)

8.   Ernest Miller, (September 1990)

9.   David C. Thomas, (September 24, 1990) 

10. Curtis Straughter, 17 (February 18, 1991)

11. Errol Lindsey, 19 (April 7, 1991)

12.  Anthony “Tony” Hughes, (May 24, 1991)

13.  Konerak Sinthasomphone, (May 27, 1991)

14.  Matt Turner, (June 30, 1991)

15.  Jeremiah Weinberger, (July 5, 1991)

16.  Oliver Lacy, (July 15, 1991)

17.  Joseph Bradehoft, (July 19, 1991)

Dahmer’s Early Life

  • Birth: May 21, 1960
  • Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
  • Parents: Lionel and Joyce Dahmer

He was the elder son in his family, and his parents struggled through an unstable marriage because of his father’s alcohol addiction. In childhood Jeffrey was shy and introverted. But later-on he learned to be outgoing and social. His family moved a lot and that made it difficult for Dahmer to keep any friends for a long time. Growing old his behavior grew odd.

How did Dahmer get arrested?

On July 22, 1991 Jeffrey was finally arrested and taken into custody when one of his victims managed to escape and inform the police. Read more

What did Jeffrey Dahmer Eat?😬

Three victims of Dahmer fell prey to his cannibalism. He ate the heart of Raymond Smith, Bicep of Oliver Lacy and Ernest Miller.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?☠️

On November 28, 1994 was beaten to death by an inmate (Christopher Scarver)

A Graphic Look Inside the Jeffrey Dresser Drawers

The police officers arrived at Jeffrey’s residence at oxford Apartments, while he acted all normal. Officers asked for a brief enquiry looking for the handcuff keys. Searching for that in his dresser 74 photographs of severed  bodies were found. They also found items of personal use clothing and jewelry with knives, drill bits, a hacksaw blade and a human skull.

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