How Old is Bowser? What is the Real Age of Nintendo’s Antagonist?

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How Old is Bowser

Mario rescuing Princess Peach is the cyclical story of Nintendo. Both the protagonists have earned their fandom on a global scale, although the story births to a natural curiosity for understanding the relentless villain. Bowser has been putting the Damsel in distress for so long that it really makes us wonder how old is Bowser?

You will be surprised to know that finally Nintendo has revealed the real age of Bowser, the old-time nemesis of Mario and king of the Koopas from Mushroom Kingdom since 1985. The Nintendo characters have always remained ambiguous about their age although various events and sources have revealed the ages of different characters like Princess Peach and Rosalina. And yet in a very interesting way the age of Bowser has been revealed.

How Old is Bowser? How Do We Know?

Bowser is 35 years old. And as a bonus point, the birthdate of Bowser Jr. the heir to the Koopa throne and only son of Bowser also has been revealed which is March 3, 2010. That makes him 14 years old now, almost hitting his puberty.

In fact, it is even more interesting to know the manner in which their age was revealed. Nintendo of America has revealed the age in a hysterical manner. It was through a YouTube video post for Nintendo Switch owners on how to create a Nintendo Account.

Now to create a Nintendo Account you have to fill in details of your birth to ensure that you are 18 years old or above. In the video the company used Bowser as a tutorial example for demonstrating how the account will be created. In the video it is like Bowser is creating an account for himself and sets his birthdate to Feb.5, 1989 which puts him closely at the age of 35. 

Although it seems quite young for an antagonist who has been chasing after Princess Peach for almost 40 years now.

Bowser Jr.’s age was also revealed in the same manner. While creating a Nintendo account for a child, Bowser Jr.’  birthdate was set which makes him 14 years old now.

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