What is a Sham Bedding? Guide to Aesthetic Bedroom

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What is a Sham Bedding

The world has always been about beauty and attraction, but the new appeal that is admired by all is “aesthetic”. Sounds synonymous but beautiful today isn’t enough for you to bring aesthetics to your bedroom. With some effort and choosing the right options for your bed you can turn your bed into an aesthetic and comforting place.

Sham bedding is a great way to uplift your bedding aura. If you are wondering what a bed sham is, here we will explain all about it and you will find some great ideas and suggestions.

What is a Sham Bedding?

A sham is a pillowcase, a decorative covering for the pillows that upgrades the bedding ensemble adding an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. It is also a very beautiful way to protect your pillows from dirt and oil with an advantage of having an alluring bedroom. Generally sham pillows are only for decorative purposes and are removed from the bedroom before sleeping to maintain their look for longer term.

You can find shams in a variety of designs and textures that completely go with your personality. You can opt for decorative shams, sham pillowcase or may be a complete sham bedding set to give a renovated look to your bedroom. I generally prefer owning my sham bedding one by one ultimately creating a variety of décor aesthetic, and Serena and Lily offer a good variety of options with discounted price and friendly service. Choosing a good place to get your bedroom materials is also important and that’s why I prefer to stick with this site only.

Types of Sham Bedding

There are multiple options for sham just like you choose bed, you have to choose the right sham for your bed.

Euro Shams: Also known as continental or European Shams, are actually squares of 26 inches by 26 inches.  These fit Euro-style pillows and can be used in creative ways like putting them directly on the sleeping pillows giving your bed an affluent look.

Standard Shams: These are the small sizes of shams that you will find with an approximate size of 26 inches by 20 inches.

Boudoir Shams: These are also rectangular shaped shams, smallest in size measuring 12 inches by 16 inches. These are considered sophisticated choices for pillow arrangements.

Queen Shams:  They measure approximately 30 inches by 20 inches and are specially designed for the popular queen pillows.

King Shams: This is the largest sham measuring approximately 30 inches by 20 inches, because the huge size they are suitable for king size bed only but some also use a single piece king sham on a smaller bed which looks complimenting.

You can choose the shams according to your bed size and personal preferences. While you may be wondering, are shams really necessary? Let’s say they are not crucial for the functioning of your bed but considering the benefits it feels important,

Adding shams really uplift the vibes of your room which you will certainly feel yourself, it gives a rich aesthetic appeal.

Not only does it enhance the beauty of your bedroom it also acts as a protective shield for your pillows against dirt, oil and other accidents on bed.

So, I guess now is the time to renovate your bedding by a simple effort.

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