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How Many Blocks In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most admired games all over the world. Also known as online Lego, the game has a variety of tools and characters, like having a plethora of mobs makes the game most interesting. But the vastness of the game can also make it confusing specially for the new players.

A very common question that arrives in any player’s mind is how many types of blocks are there in Minecraft or how many blocks are there in total?  Although the game is designed simple so that everyone can participate at the same time, inquisitiveness does appear in players’ minds, so let’s answer.

How Many Blocks Are There in Minecraft?

Blocks are basically standard sized block units that vary in appearance depending on the type. Landscape of Minecraft is made up of these blocks only which are also used for different purposes in the game depending on the nature of the block. These blocks can be collected and are place-able.

Talking about the total number of blocks in the game out there you find two million blocks in a single game, in different pixels. Minecraft is all about blocks, all the characters, elements are blocks. Whether it is building your castle or sourcing for the fuel, you have to know your block.

If one has to know the types of blocks that are present in Minecraft, first it needs a classification basis.  Although I figured out there are a total of 700 types of blocks in Minecraft. These blocks are made of different materials and are found on specific regions only sometime.

Now broadly the blocks are classified on the basis of transparency.  These are the three broad categories for you:

  • Transparent blocks, that you see as air and water
  • Semi- transparent blocks, also can be called translucent, like leaves
  • Opaque blocks, these are wood or stone.

Blocks can also be divided into types depending upon the geography they occur in or the formation.  You can find  a list of blocks and do the counting, although  it is possible for no one to absolutely claim the total number of blocks or the exact number of types of blocks.

Hopefully the article satiated your curiosity, thanks for being our faithful readers😚

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