Small Backyard Wedding Ideas with Casual DIY Decor Tips

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Small Backyard Wedding Ideas

For me, Weddings are not just one day celebrations, it’s the midpoint of two journeys, one that ends to begin the new . The day we wait for since we find the love of our life. The day you promise someone to share your life and grow old together ❤️. How amazing and nice that would be guys!! 🙃😍🥰

While for some people it’s like a grand day to be celebrated with all pomp and show, for some people it’s a warm day meant to be shared only with closest friends and family just like me.

Small Backyard Wedding Ideas

In the modern era, small backyard weddings have gained popularity among couples who wish to have rather an intimate and personal celebration of love. Also, with the growing desire for unique wedding arrangements, backyard weddings prove to be an appealing idea for exchanging vows in the lap of one’s own comforting backyard. 

Backyard wedding offers great flexibility and freedom for planning your special day, without strict timelines and mandatory regulations to be followed, making a more welcoming connection possible with every guest. And what I like about this is that you won’t have to worry about booking a date or duration of celebration.😍

Here I am sharing with you, ideas for a small backyard wedding that will be really elegant and memorable.

33 Amazing Ideas for Your Backyard Wedding

DIY Wedding Arch 

Creating your own arch isn’t a tough task all you need is some creative ideas and a few helping hands.

You can create your wedding arch with a number of variant materials and designs.

Õ     Rustic Wood Arch: using some wood and branches you can give your wedding arch a rather aesthetic look.

Rustic Wood Arch
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Õ     PVC Pipe Arch: You can get a number of options in these, color them, easy to assemble and given it’s lightweight anyone can work with it.

PVC Pipe Arch
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Õ     Bamboo Arch: A Bamboo arch will surely give a unique touch, giving it a multicultural fusion as well.

Bamboo Arch
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Õ     Balloon Arch: Balloons make happy face, and it’s easy to find and get good decorations giving a theme color.

Balloon Arch
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Õ     Macrame Arch: Macrame would give a vintage look, you can use them for backdrops or panels.

Macrame Arch
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Õ     Fabric Draping: In a simple frame with good choices of fabric and color you can really build a photogenic Arch.

Fabric Draping
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Õ     Door Arch: You can recycle old doors or window for a unique metaphorical Arch.

Door Arch
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Seating Arrangements in your comfort

When you are having a wedding in your backyard you can explore the freedom of your creativity, boring traditional seating arrangements will only make your wedding common. 

🪑  Cozy lounge: You can offer your guests a cozy space to be comfortable in and mingle with each other by using armchairs, sofas, coffee tables.

Cozy lounge
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🪑 Picnic Blanket: A very easy but really unique seating will be spreading colorful picnic blankets and some floor cushions on the lawn with low tables for the food.

Picnic Blanket
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🪑 Swinging Seats: You make your wedding more fun by hanging swings on tree branches or maybe a pergola.

Swinging Seats
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🪑  Pallet Furniture: You can build DIY pallet furniture like tables and benches with comfy cushions.

Pallet Furniture
Credit –

🪑  Gazebo Dining: How about a shaded dining area, with long banquet tables for all your guests, decorated with beautiful dazzling string lights overhead creating a romantic ambiance to celebrate your love.

Gazebo Dining
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🪑  Bean Bag Comfort: Arrange bean bag chairs or some oversized cushions around the backyard, creating a homely seating for your kith and kins.

Bean Bag Comfort
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Invitations to Your Backyard Wedding

Invitations for your wedding should be as unique as your wedding is going to be. Here are some amazing ideas we are sharing with you. 

💌Seasonal Theme Card: Reflecting the season of your wedding with blossoms for spring or snowflakes in winters on the invitation card will be a creative idea.

Seasonal Theme Card
Credit –

💌 Vintage Cards: You can get custom vintage-style postcards with illustrations of your backyard wedding.

Vintage Cards
Credit –

💌Woodland Cards: Get the invitations printed with trees and birds in illustrations that will quite suit with the backyard wedding plan.

Woodland Cards
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💌 Map Inspiration: Design the invitation like a map with locations and routes maybe or some symbols.

Map Inspiration
Credit –

💌Booklet Style: Add more pages to the card sharing more details and emotions with some photos or maybe a poetry or quote.

Booklet Style
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💌Fun Cards: Wedding Cards can be created with pop ups, waterfall, hidden messages that will make your invitation more interactive and fun.

Fun Cards
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Some More Decor Tips

  • Direction Signs: Adding personal signs for your wedding in the lawn is an impressive idea.
  • Bright Lights: Nothing looks more glamorous than glittering yellow lights surrounding the area in the night sky. You can simply hang them over on trees or above the sitting or decorate the Arch as well.
  • Photo Display: Show off your journey in love by revisiting the memory.  You can hang the photos like strings or get a temporary wall made up of attaching rather big photos over them.
  • Self-Serve Table: Having a backyard wedding would mean a little less outsourced help. In that case self-service would save your day.
  • Dance Floor:  Your first dance must be special. You can use garden space for your dance where your family and friends can join you as well. You will not necessarily need a stage if you have even a lawn area; a beautiful carpet can do the job. Although for temporary flooring wooden floors can be used as well.
  • Theme Wedding: You can choose any theme decoration or maybe a dress code you like as the environment is going to be homely.
  • Use Plants: In the backyard plants will be a good and easy decorative element. You can use the small pots to align with the aisle, or use shrubs or flowers for centerpieces on the table. If you get a young tree sapling in your own backyard this will be the mark of the day, growing with time, a reminder of that special day.
  • Draping With Green:  If you have a tent for your backyard wedding, then decorate the tent with some flowering creepers and vines that will make your wedding decorations look like a fairytale story alive.
  • Decorate the front: With all the focus on the backyard don’t forget to decorate the front area to welcome auspicious vibes.
  • Care For the Details: Back is a less organized space thus you would need to take care of details as well, use everything around to add to your wedding.
  • Focal Point: With everything planned your focal point in the wedding must as well should be well planned where the seats will focus, where you will sound, terrain over which you will make the Aisle.
  • Thrilling Get Away: With the liberty of time and duration you must consider a surprising get away. You have a beautifully decorated car matching your wedding theme.
  • Glowing Love: For weddings planned at night use of lanterns in the path and candles in colorful glass will surely alleviate the romance in the air.
  • Renting Big: Backyard wedding is unique and alluring if you don’t have a space big enough for the ceremony you can rent a stunning estate property as well.

Every event ends but we go on creating memories, we have shared with you the best backyard wedding ideas hoping to make your day really memorable. Thank you for reading 😍

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