Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas – Modern Yet Cheap!!

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Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas

Are you someone who enjoys spending leisure time in your garden, love to keep your garden alive with blossoming flowers or fresh vegetables to bring into your kitchen?

But as fun and fulfilling as gardening demands care like a child does, it’s almost like parenting the flora.

Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas

No one likes to own a shaggy garden thus it’s best to edge your garden properly giving it an aesthetic look. A healthy garden has good edging that provides a visual appeal and safety check to your garden.

Here we are going to share with you some easy and cost friendly ways of garden edging.😍🌱🌱

What Are Your Edging Requirements: Simple Choices

You can find numerous varieties of garden edging materials, in plastic, metal, wood and stone as well, each of them offering a distinct feature in terms of sustainability, aesthetics, easy-installation and cost.  

Choosing the materials for your garden edging can be confusing, but we will make it simple for you.

While deciding what materials to use for your garden edging you have to consider some factors in your mind, that are:

  • The climate of your area and weather
  • The design and look that appeals to you
  • Overall maintenance requirements
  • Budget you have fixed

Some Examples For You:

  1. Wooden edging is not advisable if you live in a place with heavy rainfall and humidity as chances are that the wood will rot and warp soon enough.
  2. Plastic edges might fade soon in very sunny climates.
  3. Brick or stone edging provides longer durability but with a high cost.
  4. Rubber edging can be cost friendly but would not provide a very long durability.

You have to choose what material suits your needs best.

Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas: Simple and easy

Learn these ideas to give your garden beautiful landscaping.

Brick Border Edging:

Bricks provides a long-lasting edging with a rustic look and elegance to your landscaping.

Simple Brick Border:

If you have a small-garden you can use this technique to do a simple landscaping without making a big fuss, simply by interconnecting the bricks together one by one making a miniature boundary.

Brick Border Edging

Diagonal Bricks

For this you need to dig a little ditch inside the soil and put some sand inside for drainage and a good level base. Set the bricks in the trench, half exposed diagonally one after another tightly close together. After that fill in the soil. All the bricks should be in the same direction.

Square Brick Edging

This technique prevents soil and mulch from spilling onto connected areas. Moreover, square brick edging helps create pathways within the garden. For this you simply dig a trench a bit wider than the brick size, put some sand in the base, keep the bricks adjacent slightly touching each other.

Rock Border Edging:

Small Rock Landscape:

You can find rocks in different sizes and shapes, imagine creepers tumbling over those rocks. Define the border, and put the ball sizes rocks to create the border. You can as well visit a nursery or a garden centre for options.

Big Rock Landscape: 

You can create a stone garden using big multicolour rocks placing them around some vibrant flowers. Although with the usage of heavy rocks the method could be more labor intensive but once set you can enjoy your perennial garden.

Rock Border Edging:

River Stone Edging: 

This edging style provides the most aesthetic look in your garden with natural curves and flexibility of a river. Defining the border, you have to create a trench for a continuous border, then place the small river stones carefully. The border should be curvy without any sharp angles to give a relaxed look for the landscape.

Edging With Flora:

Border With Plants:

Small plants can also be put to use for edging purposes, it is a creative way to define borders by multiplying the natural beauty of the garden. You can use a variety of plants like Ornamental Grasses, Low-Growing Groundcovers, Colorful Perennials.

Eucalyptus Wood Border:

Eucalyptus wood borders are quite easy to install requiring basic carpentry skills and also blends naturally with your garden. you can make both straight or curvy shaped borders. And if you maintain it properly this can last for years.

Edging With Flora

Bamboo Edging:

This will be a natural choice for you if you love a Japanese style garden. You are supposed to pound into the ground small pieces of bamboo making miniature borders. This is a great choice for a long-lasting edging solution.

Logs For A Raised Bed:

This is really simple, all you have to do is collect some logs, arrange them together in your garden, pour soil into it making it a raised bed where you plant your favourite flowers, herbs, shrubs,etc.

Β Woven Willow:

This is quite a traditional approach of making your garden edges by using long flexible willow branches weaving them together to make a fence. This can be done both in a miniature look or for large borders. This can also be a fun activity for your family to weave the long branches together. But this might not be very helpful for humid areas being prone to moisture.

Top of Form

Corten Steel Edging:

Also known as weathering steel edging, is a popular choice for landscape edging due to its appealing look, durability and low maintenance requirements. It is installed by burying a portion of edging below ground level for support. Adding to its benefits its an environment friendly choice.

Corten Steel Edging

PVC Stakes:

PVC is a type of strong plastic. You can easily get such PVC stakes to use them as a border for your garden. They are found in a variety of colours to match your preferences and also work as a barrier preventing you from stepping over the plants.

PVC Stakes

Bottle Garden Edging:

One more creative and eco-friendly way for garden edging is usage of bottles. In case you use plastic bottles you may wanna cut the bottoms of the bottles to create cylindrical shapes.

Bottle Garden Edging

Then bury them half into the ground vertically along the edge of your garden bed. You can also use wine bottles or glass colourful bottles to create a more vibrant aesthetic look. It would be a budget-friendly method as well.

Hope you have liked my writing as usual, let me know if you want me to cover any other garden related topics!! πŸ˜‰

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