Jesse Duplantis House: Enter into the Kingdom

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Jesse Duplantis House

The one who serves God leads life in his glory. A very personified meaning of this quote is Pastor Jesse Duplantis.

He is an American preacher from the Christian Evangelical Charismatic movement. He is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., and the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries(JDM) headquartered in America and has branches in Australia and the UK. 

While reading about this amazing person I was impressed by his lifestyle as well as work towards community. Being a Pastor he is living his life no less than a royal person. The home he lives in is a witness to his glorious life.

Did you know? – Duplantis was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity by Oral Roberts University in 1999, for his many years of service to God and the community.

Jesse Duplantis House: What Does It Look Like?

From owning the massive home to traveling in a private jet, Jesse Duplantis has been living his life to the fullest. Let’s take a glance at Duplantis’ multi-million-dollar home.

Design and Construction

In nearly 35,000 square feet, with two stories of drywall and metal & wooden beams, Duplantis home is built in plantation-style giving it a farmhouse look constructed by evangelical Christian minister Jesse Duplantis. 

This is the largest property on the East Bank. G & R Custom Homes of Metairie started the construction in October 2008, which lasted for a year.


Exploring over the internet I found, the home of Jesse is located on the edge of River Road, his home is the single largest Parish. 

This home actually belongs to the Jesse Duplantis Ministries, the evangelical Christian Group.

Details from the Inside

Let’s take an inside tour to this massive house 😀

  • In the home most spacious premise is the living room that spans 22,039 sq. ft.of the area
  • Which also has an additional 12,947 sq. ft. for garages and outdoor patios. Along with two double-door garages.
  • The home has a welcoming 25 rooms for guests to use.
  • Inside the house first floor is the main floor that also has a music parlor for practicing. Not only that but it has a kitchen, room for breakfast and dining room.
  • On the second floor there are 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, imagine how spacious that would be ?
  • And I must mention on the second floor there’s also a theater room, I wonder how thrilling it is to live in such house 🥹

The mega home was built as a part of the church through collecting donations, and Duplantis uses his spacious home to provide shelter to the people who need it. 

A Home for All

Duplantis had plans to build a home big enough to provide shelter to people of the Parish to find comfort and most importantly hope under his roof. The preacher stood true to his words when a natural disaster hit the state of Louisiana.

I’ll tell you about an incident. In September 2021, there was a hurricane called Ida which came in full force . 

At that time, Duplantis and his wife donated more than $100,000 worth of generators to the people and provided help to rebuild the community damaged by the calamity, this was mentioned by NBC News.

By this kind act the man proved that this home is not for him only but for the whole community to have shelter at times of need.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” New Testament of the Bible, chapter 4, verse 19.

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