Soviet Brutalist Architecture

Soviet Brutalist Architecture: A Legacy of Concrete ModernismSoviet Brutalist Architecture: A Legacy of Concrete Modernism


The brutalist architecture is a style of architecture that became popular between the 1950s and the 1960s. It was an answer to more traditional and ornate styles of architecture, which were popular previously. The brutalist architecture was therefore seen by the Soviets as a representation of the strength and modernity

French Classical Architecture

French Classical Architecture: An Orderly EleganceFrench Classical Architecture: An Orderly Elegance


French Classical Architecture is a design that was seen in French between the 17th and 18th centuries. The term is most famous for stressing harmony, balance, and proportion. These architects borrowed styles from ancient Greece and Rome and remodelled them to suit a new French elegance, which was representative of

Modular Fabricated Homes

Modular Fabricated Homes: The Future of Housing?Modular Fabricated Homes: The Future of Housing?


The modular fabricated home is a particular type of prefabricated home. It involves the production of individual modules and connections onsite. This mode of production is gaining significance in the market and is preferred to conventional procedures. What are the benefits of modular fabricated homes? Faster build times: Modular fabricated