How Long Does It Take To Become An Architect?

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How long does it take to become an architect

Do you want to become an Architecture?? The career path in becoming an architect is gratifying yet challenging, and it requires devotion, creative genius and technical expertise. Architects are very important in coming up with functional and beautiful structures as well as structures that are environment-friendly.

It takes a different amount of time to become an architect depending on your educational path and experience. You required to acquire a degree, complete internships, and obtain a license within 7–12 years.

Here is a general breakdown of the timeline:


  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch): This is the most common route to being an architect. Students often enroll in B.Arch programs which take a duration of five years.
  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch): This is most common for people who already have a bachelors degree outside the field of architecture. The duration for M.Arch is usually 2-3 years.


  • Intern Development Program (IDP): It gives you practical experience, as you work with a licensed architect for 3 years.
  • Architectural Experience Program (AXP): A 3-year program for licensure in some states. The AXP is like the IDP, but it entails more stringent stipulations.
  • Architectural Licensing Exam (ARE): This is a series of six, architecture, construction, and building codes exams.
  • Experience Requirement: Besides passing the ARE, you will also be required to have at least three years of experience in supervision with a registered architect.

Additional Considerations

  • Continuing Education: Architects are obligated to obtain continuing education credits to keep abreast with latest building codes and technologies.
  • Professional Development: Architects can also improve their careers by joining professional bodies and attending conferences.

Tips for Becoming an Architect

  • Lay a solid foundation on mathematics and science.
  • Improve your creativity and art.
  • Study design and architecture.
  • Internships, apprenticeships, and other learning experiences.
  • Seek networking opportunities for architects and construction industry professionals.

The career path to becoming an architect involves toughness but it is rewarding. With perseverance and commitment, it is possible to realise the dream of being a registered architect and contribute positively to society. For more, Keep following Write for Us Architecture.