French Classical Architecture: An Orderly Elegance

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French Classical Architecture

French Classical Architecture is a design that was seen in French between the 17th and 18th centuries. The term is most famous for stressing harmony, balance, and proportion. These architects borrowed styles from ancient Greece and Rome and remodelled them to suit a new French elegance, which was representative of the grandeur of French sovereignty.

French Classical Architecture Key Characteristics

A)  Harmony and Balance: French Classical architects held the view that buildings should appear beautiful and harmonious. For this, they adopted symmetrical compositions and paid much attention to the proportions of every part of a building.

B) Order and Clarity:  Building design was supposed to be orderly and clear according to the philosophers of the French Classical. They stayed from too much decoration and used basic geometrics. Here, Order and clarity went hand in hand with French enlightenment’s preoccupation with reason.

C) Nobility and Grandeur:  French Classical architecture was primarily applied for the representation of power and grandeur of the French Monarchy. These were intended to bequeath grandness and impressiveness in their deeds with palaces, public buildings and even private residences.

Famous Examples of French Classical Architecture.

A) The Palace of Versailles: The Palace of Versailles is a marvelous case in point here. Constructed in the 17th century, it was meant for King Louis XIV and is viewed as one of the most luxurious palaces worldwide.

B) The Louvre Museum: Another well-known kind of French Classical architecture is The Louvre Museum. Originally constructed in the 12th century as a royal palace, the latter was then turned into a museum. The façade is indeed a masterpiece of French Classical style on the Louvre.

C) The Panthéon: The 18th century temple-like building called the Pantheon. Some of the most famous French citizens’ mausoleums now. French Classic architecture’s most notable characteristic is the Panthéon’s dome.

French Classical Architecture Today

French Classical architecture has been and still is regarded as marvelous even these days. It is considered the epitome of style, order and clarity. French Classical principles are responsible for the inspiration of many modern buildings and it is reasonable that French Classical architecture is still studied in different schools of architecture throughout the world.

In addition to the key characteristics listed above, French Classical architecture is also characterized by the following features: 

  1. The use of classical orders:  Classical orders are the proportions of columns, entablature, and other elements in a building. There are five classical orders: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite.
  1.  The use of pediments:  Pediments are triangular gables that are generally placed above doors and windows. It is usually ornamented with sculpture or only reliefs.
  1.  The use of vaults and domes: Large open spaces are formed using vaults and domes. These are usually adorned with frescoes or mosaics.

Beautiful and Lasting French Classicism is a wonderful architectural style whose influence on architecture has never ceased. This shows how harmony, balance and order are able to come together to create beauty that conveys a lot of meaning. For more, Keep following Write for Us Architecture.